For lack of training,
    They lacked Knowledge

    For lack of Knowledge,
    They lacked Confidence

    For lack of Confidence
    They lacked Victory

    - Julius Caesar (44 B.C)


With more than 20 years of experience, Choice Management was established for soft skills development training programs in organisations. Our objective is to positively influence people by bringing in changes in their personal, social and professional lives through our training and consultation programs.


We help you lead by CHOICE and not by CHANCE.




We TRAIN and help to TRANSFORM.


LEARN through FUN.



Our methodology of conducting training programs is highly interactive and captivating keeping the participants engaged and immersed in the topics being trained.

LEARN THROUGH FUN being our motto, our training methodologies not only include a lot of humour but we adopt techniques which address different types of learning to reach out to all types of participants.

Visual learning

  • Presentations
  • Video viewing and analysis

Auditory learning:

  • Listening to concepts explained verbally
  • Audio clips

Learning through reading and writing:

  • Answering questionnaires
  • Psychometric tests
  • Analysis of case studies

Kinesthetic learning

One of the key learning techniques in which learning takes place by physical activities, rather than listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations:

  • Concept oriented games
  • Mental gyms
  • Team building activities
  • Practical exercises
  • Group discussions, debates and presentations


Choice customises the contents of training programs based on the needs, expectations and the level of participants in organisations.

Choice also conducts training in several languages - English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada which helps in establishing a good relationship with the participants there-by making training programs more effective

Behavioral Topics:

Operational Excellence Topics:

Managerial Topics:

Yoga workshops:

Software topics:

Other topics:

  • Choice Management Consultants
  • Choice Management Consultants
  • Choice Management Consultants
  • Choice Management Consultants
  • Choice Management Consultants
  • Choice Management Consultants
  • Choice Management Consultants
  • Choice Management Consultants
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  • Choice Management Consultants


Who love to work with us


We could see and feel the change from the shop floor after the training. It is good to share that our training participants have accepted the facilitator as their mentor

- Continental Automotive Components (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Your proficiency and ability to conduct the programme both in Kannada and English has been an added advantage there by you have touched the core of our operators

- American Power Corporation

What is more important in your programme is your uncanny ability to get across people irrespective of their background.

- Strides Arcolab Limited

The key success of your programmes is your style of delivering things in a very simple language and the way it is presented along with well coined meaningful visual slides. This will definitely result in positive change in TEAM MEMBERS.

- Pepsico

You demonstrated the need for change in a very effective manner to our OTIS employees. Your forte is establishing quick support with heterogeneous workgroup like Managers, Executives as well as workmen. Your sessions with experience, humour, informative workshop games blended with message are instant hit with participants.

- OTIS Elevators

Your presentation has been highly appreciated by the participants because of the fluency in language, command over the subject and delivery of the same.

- L & T Komatsu Limited

Indeed all of our staff members have been impressed very much by your provocative speech which we will cherish for long in improving our family life and work culture leading to a “HAPPY HOME AND HAPPY BANK”

- State Bank of Hyderabad

We are getting feedback from our agents that the have really enjoyed the session and found it very useful.

- L.I.C Of India
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